About Me

Wayne cuddling with Lucian
Wayne cuddling with Lucian

People often come to me for advice on cats. It may be that my office is covered with photos of my cats. It may be that I have lint rollers with me in my car, my office, every room of my house… It may be that I can talk about my cats until I notice people’s eyes glaze over as they try to suppress a yawn.

I was chatting with a colleague recently and mentioned my cooking blog. He was disappointed that it wasn’t about cats. Since I know more about cats than I do about cooking, it seemed like a great idea.

I hope to share some of the knowledge I’ve gleaned over the years as well as point to resources to help people share their lives with my favorite animal, the cat.

Disclaimer: Any advice I give is purely my opinion. I am not a veterinarian, an animal behaviorist, or a feline  professional in any way. I’m just a fellow cat lover. Use common sense. With any medical issue consult your veterinarian first.


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