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Holding Wayne
Holding Wayne

I’m known around my office as the ‘Cat Lady’. People are usually kind enough to leave the ‘crazy” part out. I don’t think I fit the stereotype of a Cat Lady. I am married, I only have 3 cats, I’m not completely obsessed with cats – just mildly obsessed.

I did not grow up with cats or any pets for that matter. I always wanted a pet, but we lived in apartments where it was not allowed. I finally convinced my mom when I was in college to harbor an “illegal” cat which meant we had to hide her when the landlord came by. Personally, I think the landlord knew but just looked the other way.

That was 19 years ago and I’ve learned a lot about how to live harmoniously with cats over the years. I’ve made many mistakes along the way and am happy that cats are forgiving animals that love unconditionally, despite the rumor of being aloof.

I hope to use this blog to share the things that I’ve learned over the years and to share some excellent resources that can help make your relationship with your cat the one it was meant to be.