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Best Fort Ever

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Lucian in a bag
Lucian in a bag

There is something about a paper bag or cardboard box that cats cannot seem to resist. As soon as I set one down on the floor, all three of my cats will come over to investigate. It doesn’t seem to matter how small the box or bag is in comparison to their bodies. After an initial investigation, one or more will try to find a way inside.

Michi in a box
Michi in a box

So, before you go spend oodles of cash on toys for your cat, try opening up a paper bag or a cardboard box. Some things to keep in mind to keep kitty safe:

  1. Use paper bags, not plastic. Kitty may chew on the bag or may suffocate in a plastic bag.
  2. Cut off the handles of a paper bag so that kitty doesn’t get it wrapped around his neck. He can likely break a paper handle, but a rope handle may be more dangerous. See Bloomingdale bags.
  3. Only use paper bags or cardboard boxes that have stored kitty safe items. Use common sense, don’t give kitty an empty box that stored pesticides.

Won’t You Take Me to Shanty Town?

We like to tape multiple boxes together to make a cardboard condo or shanty town. We cut out windows or little paw sized holes for one kitty to bat another kitty on the head. Have fun and embarrass your spouse when company comes over and see how you live like hobos. When the fort has lost its allure or it is worn down, you can recycle and begin again the next time you go to Costco.