Unusual Cat Toys

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Back in August, we attended a friend’s wedding. One of the wedding favors was a tiny bottle of bubbles that we used to congratulate the bride and groom and send them off to their new life. Bubbles are now often used in lieu of throwing rice. There is an urban myth that uncooked rice can be eaten by birds and cause them to explode. This is not true. However, people can slip on rice and it does need to be swept up afterwards, so bubbles have become a more popular and fun choice.

I’m not sure how birds feel about bubbles, but some cats really like them. We brought the bubbles home and tried using them around our cats. Liv liked to watch them. Wayne didn’t care for them and left the room. Lucian loved them. He loves to bat at the bubbles as the float past him. He liked them even more when we added some concentrated catnip tea to the bubble mixture.